901 Olive Street

Santa Barbara, California

Project Type

Mixed-Use Office/Residential

Project Size

33,005 SF

Project Summary

901 Olive Street is a 33,005 square foot lot consisting of an existing 18,276 square foot commercial office space and planned 18,258 square foot residential space.  The commercial space included a planned major renovation including the addition of insulation, windows, interior improvements, and mechanical systems.  The new residential space consisted of one level of parking under three building stories with 19 multi-family units.  With a desire to pursue LEED certification, the project underwent a feasibility analysis to determine the appropriate LEED rating system and anticipated level of certification.

Project Highlights

  • Utilize LEED-NC v2009 Rating System
  • Follow Title 24 and CalGreen Standards
  • Projected LEED Gold Certification

Our Work

  • LEED feasibility analysis
  • Stakeholder engagement and project team training/education
  • Identification of short- and long-term goals
  • Identification of key sustainable strategies that will maximize use of site context