Fairview Gardens

Perrin Pellegrin, Managing Partner of Innoative Workshop Consulting LLC is on the board at Fairview Gardens, a 13 acre urban organic farm.  Fairview Gardens is located in Goleta, CA, which is a few miles up from Santa Barbara. Fairview’s mission is to provide educational programs and community supported agriculture (CSA), and also offers fun activities/events such as summer camps for kids. On July 16th, Fairview is having an open house to introduce community members to the farm and what it has to offer.  It is also a way to gain assistance for the rebuilding of the farmstand.  The open house will have appetizers, wine, and cheese, along with vegetables and fruit directly from the farm! Please come join us for the fun and take a tour of the farm.

Photo Credit: Sunset Magazine

For more information visit www.fairviewgardens.org

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