Ben Franklin Academy Kicks Off Comprehensive Recycling Program!

Innovative Workshop Consulting, LLC (iWORKSHOP) has been working with Ben Franklin Academy (BFA) in Highlands Ranch, Colorado to develop and implement sustainability measures that will result in a healthier environment with less impact on our natural resources.  Ben Franklin Academy’s vision for developing young adults with character will undoubtedly be augmented by their commitment to create a better environment and quality of life for students.  Keeping education at the forefront of sustainability implementation, all measures include an effective manner for educating staff and students, which will be pivotal in the success of each measure.

To kick off a long-term plan for sustainability integration, a comprehensive recycling program has been developed that will improve the campus’ recycling efforts while educating students and staff on the importance of recycling and what items can and cannot be recycled in the community.  To start the implementation phase of the recycling program, Tiffany Beffel of iWORKSHOP presented each classroom with their own recycling bin and gave a brief presentation on the meaning of the recycling loop, the importance of recycling in school and in our community, and what items on campus can be recycled.

The excitement from students and staff surrounding the implementation of a recycling program has been phenomenal!!  This excitement was evident from one particular kindergarten class, who sang a recycling song in response to getting their bin.  We have many activities planned to continue to educate students and staff about recycling and know that Ben Franklin Academy will lead by example with their commitment to a more sustainable campus, environment, and future!

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