Prospect Mortgage Becomes a Green Business


Prospect Mortgage’s Santa Barbara office has been awarded Green Business certification through the County of Santa Barbara’s Green Business Program.  As the largest independent residential retail mortgage lender in the United States, Prospect Mortgage is the first mortgage company in Santa Barbara County to earn this designation.  Prospect Mortgage implemented several sustainable policies to improve their operations including purchasing, recycling, and energy conservation.  According to Tim Taylor, Vice President, Senior Loan Officer, and Branch Manager of the Santa Barbara office, “paper products have either been eliminated or changed to 100% post-consumer waste (PCW) products, and our plastics – like plates, bowls, and utensils – are now either corn or sugar cane based. From a transportation standpoint, we have implemented a transportation incentive program for those using alternative methods for their commute. We have also changed our purchasing efforts to coordinate with only one vendor, minimizing the number of shipments we receive monthly. It’s been a significant transformation, in which we all take pride – and it’s great to be recognized by the Santa Barbara Green Business Program.”  Innovative Workshop Consulting provided coordination and expertise to support and guide Prospect Mortgage through certification.  We congratulate Prospect Mortgage on their achievement and their commitment to sustainability.

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